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Only Women is independently gay owned and operated, established in 2011.

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Only Women

Welcome to Only Women, the premier lesbian dating app trusted by millions of women worldwide since 2011. We are proud to offer a safe, secure, and authentic platform where lesbian, gay, and trans women can connect meaningfully. Our app features an intuitive UI, real-time chat, profile verification, and the innovative 'Radar'—a tool to see who’s online in real-time and nearby. At Only Women, our independence and our commitment to the community set us apart. We are not only gay-owned and operated but also passionate about supporting LGBTQ+ charities globally. Join us for a genuine and fulfilling dating experience, where your safety and privacy is always prioritised.

App Features

We've designed Only Women from the ground up to offer a great dating experience. Here are a few reasons you should give our app a go:

The safest dating experience

At Only Women, we prioritize your safety and privacy above all. Our app is rigorously designed to ensure a secure dating experience through a multifaceted verification system. We require all users to sign in using their Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts, significantly reducing the risk of bots and fraud. Additionally, our profile verification process includes checks on photo likeness and location to protect against catfishing. Periodic mobile number verification further secures your identity on our platform. We treat your personal data with the highest respect, employing advanced encryption methods to safeguard it and committing never to sell or share your information with third parties. With Only Women, you can focus on making genuine connections in a secure and private environment.

Radar: See Who's Online Now

Utilise the 'Radar' feature to immediately discover who's online, boosting your chances of connecting with users who are also seeking interaction in real-time. This dynamic tool not only enhances the spontaneity of your encounters but also increases engagement by allowing you to start conversations with individuals who are readily available. Moreover, the Radar gives you the flexibility to adjust your geographical settings, making it perfect for exploring connections in new cities or areas you plan to visit. Whether you're a commuter looking to meet someone in a different town or planning social links ahead of a vacation, the Radar empowers your dating journey by keeping you connected, wherever you go, and whenever you want

Simple and Beautiful User Interface

The 'Only Women' app features a beautifully designed user interface that is both intuitive and pleasing to the eye. It simplifies the user experience, making navigation effortless. This ensures that our users can focus on making meaningful connections rather than figuring out how the app works. The clean layout and mindful design contribute to an enjoyable and user-friendly interface that enhances your dating journey.

Swipe and Discover Nearby Profiles

Explore and connect with others through the simple yet powerful swipe feature on 'Only Women'. This feature allows you to check daily profiles and easily swipe right to show interest or left to pass. It is a fast and effective way to meet potential partners nearby, tailored to your preferences, ensuring that you never miss out on meeting someone special.

Real-Time Chat with Photo Exchange

Our real-time chat system is designed with familiarity and ease of use in mind, allowing women to instantly send messages and photos to each other once they have matched. This seamless communication platform is integral to fostering genuine connections in a safe environment. Thanks to our rigorous profile verification system, you can chat confidently, knowing that you are interacting with verified individuals who are just as genuine in their intentions. This commitment to authenticity ensures that your conversations are meaningful and secure, enhancing your overall dating experience on our app.

Profile Verification

Ensuring authenticity and security, 'Only Women' employs a robust profile verification system. Users can verify key aspects of their profile, including photo likeness and location, providing reassurance that the interactions are with genuine individuals. This feature is fundamental in maintaining a trustworthy community and safeguarding users from potential scams or catfishing, offering a safe dating experience.

Independent and LGBTQ+ Owned and Operated

Only Women is very proud to be independently and gay owned. We understand the community because we are part of it (Unlike most of the other Lesbian dating apps!). Our personal investment in the LGBTQ+ community drives our commitment to creating a space that is not just inclusive but also supportive and understanding of the diverse experiences within our community.

Supporting Charities

At 'Only Women', we believe in giving back to the community that supports us. A portion of our proceeds is shared with various LGBTQ+ and inclusive charities and organizations around the world. This ongoing commitment to charity work supports vital programs and initiatives that aim to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals. By choosing 'Only Women', users not only find a platform for connection and love but also contribute to meaningful change and support for the wider community. We are dedicated not just to the betterment of our user’s social lives but also to the global enhancement of LGBTQ+ lives.

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