United States

New York

Dive into a vibrant city buzzing with iconic art scenes, diverse cultures, and a dynamic LGBTQ+ community, where endless opportunities for exploration and connection await.

Singles: 2,424,674

Los Angeles

Experience a vibrant city bursting with diverse cultures, iconic entertainment, and thriving LGBTQ+ communities, where creativity and inclusivity come together under sunny skies.

Singles: 1,073,715


Discover a vibrant hub of artistic flair and diverse cultures, featuring eclectic neighborhoods, trendsetting scenes, and a thriving LGBTQ+ community.

Singles: 753,515


Experience a vibrant city teeming with rich culture, iconic architecture, bustling arts scenes, and an inclusive atmosphere that hosts one of the largest LGBTQ+ Pride festivals in the nation.

Singles: 742,631


Experience a vibrant, diverse city boasting a rich arts scene, bustling nightlife, and inclusive communities, perfect for young women looking to connect and thrive.

Singles: 634,681

Borough of Queens

Experience a vibrant blend of cultures, art scenes, and lush parks in New York's largest borough, offering endless opportunities for adventure and connection.

Singles: 625,921


A vibrant city with a dynamic arts scene, endless sunny days, and a welcoming LGBTQ+ community, perfect for adventurous spirits and culture enthusiasts alike.

Singles: 442,881


Discover a vibrant city brimming with rich history, bustling arts and music scenes, and a welcoming LGBTQ+ community, all wrapped in a blend of charming neighborhoods and modern innovation.

Singles: 434,100


Explore the vibrant heart of the city, known for its rich arts scene, diverse culinary delights, and dynamic nightlife, all wrapped in a progressive atmosphere where every woman can freely express her identity.

Singles: 409,667

San Antonio

Experience a vibrant city brimming with rich history, lively festivals, and a thriving arts scene, all wrapped up in a warm, welcoming community.

Singles: 395,096

San Diego

Experience endless sunshine, vibrant LGBTQ+ nightlife, stunning beaches, and a thriving cultural scene perfect for adventure and relaxation.

Singles: 384,163


Experience a vibrant blend of cultural diversity, artistic expression, and lush green spaces in this lively urban borough that's rich in history and community spirit.

Singles: 381,459


A vibrant city bursting with a lively arts scene, diverse cuisine, and a dynamic nightlife, offering a welcoming community and plenty of opportunities for social connections.

Singles: 358,045

San Jose

Experience the vibrant heart of Silicon Valley, where innovative tech meets diverse cultural festivals and a bustling queer community, all set against a backdrop of sunny, scenic views perfect for year-round outdoor activities.

Singles: 282,810


Experience a vibrant mix of sunny beaches, lively arts scenes, and a variety of nightlife options, perfect for dynamic young women looking to connect and create lasting memories.

Singles: 262,901


Experience the vibrant blend of live music, eclectic food scenes, artistic expressions, and inclusive vibes in this lively city that celebrates diversity.

Singles: 256,626

Fort Worth

Experience the charm of a city where the modern meets the western heritage, offering a vibrant art scene, lively nightlife, and inclusive community events.

Singles: 253,069


A vibrant, youthful city with a thriving arts scene, inclusive vibe, and bustling nightlife, perfect for creative and socially-conscious women looking to connect and explore.

Singles: 249,443


Discover a vibrant city bustling with a rich arts scene, lively nightlife, and a welcoming community that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

Singles: 244,457


Explore a vibrant city with a thriving arts scene, diverse culinary experiences, and an active LGBTQ+ community, perfect for young women looking to connect and create lasting memories.

Singles: 240,859