Population 367,752
Single pop. 101,279
Timezone Australia/Sydney
Country Australia

Canberra - 'Bush Capital'

Welcome to Canberra, Australia's capital, where the charm of nature meets a vibrant cultural scene. Nestled among classic bushland beauty, Canberra is a haven for those who love the outdoors with its picturesque parks and expansive lakes ideal for picnics or tranquil walks. The city thrives with youthful energy, reflected in its trendy cafes, lively festivals, and dynamic arts scene. With a progressive community and a strong focus on inclusivity, Canberra offers a welcoming space for lesbian women to connect, explore, and thrive. Whether you're into exploring the rich history at the museums, enjoying the local foodie scene, or participating in community events, Canberra promises a fulfilling experience.

Date ideas for Canberra

Explore the National Gallery of Australia

Visit the National Gallery of Australia to enjoy an array of artistic expressions from around the world. It's a perfect spot for art-loving couples to experience both classic and contemporary art in a serene environment.

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Picnic at Lake Burley Griffin

Enjoy a scenic picnic by Lake Burley Griffin. This expansive lake offers peaceful views and ample green space for a relaxing day out. You can also rent bikes or paddle boats to add some adventure to your date.

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Coffee Date at The Cupping Room

Have a cozy coffee date at The Cupping Room, known for its excellent brews and barista expertise. It's a great place to have deep conversations or simply enjoy some quality time together over a delicious cup of coffee.

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Stroll through the Australian National Botanic Gardens

Take a leisurely walk through the Australian National Botanic Gardens. This beautiful spot features a vast collection of Australian flora, thematic gardens, and tranquil paths ideal for a romantic stroll.

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Dinner and Drinks at Hopscotch Bar

End your day with dinner and drinks at Hopscotch Bar in Braddon. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and good selection of craft beers and cocktails, it’s a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy each other's company.

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Dating in Canberra

Discovering love in Canberra, with its vibrant cultural scene and bustling community events, is an exciting journey, and Only Women is your perfect companion on this path. Our app specifically caters to lesbian, gay, and trans women, creating a welcoming and inclusive space where you can connect authentically. Whether you're exploring the charming cafes of Manuka or enjoying the natural beauty of Lake Burley Griffin, Only Women helps you find someone who shares your interests and values. With features tailored to enhance meaningful interactions, our platform ensures that you can meet like-minded women effortlessly in a city celebrated for its diversity and inclusivity. Join Only Women and start your unique Canberra love story today!

A brief history of Canberra

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, boasts a rich history intertwined with a vibrant cultural tapestry that reflects its role as the heart of the nation. Established in 1913 and designed by the visionary architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin, Canberra was conceived not just as a political center but as a symbol of unity between rival cities Sydney and Melbourne. Its design incorporates vast green spaces and geometric motifs, intended to encourage both a sense of community and connection with nature. This purposeful design makes Canberra an idyllic setting for both residents and visitors seeking a blend of urban sophistication and accessible natural beauty.

For the lesbian community, particularly those aged 20-30, Canberra offers a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. The city celebrates its diversity through various events and festivals, such as the annual SpringOUT Pride Festival, which champions LGBTQ+ rights and visibility. Moreover, Canberra's commitment to equality can be seen in its early adoption of progressive policies, including being one of the first territories in Australia to legalize same-sex marriage in 2013 (though this was later overturned by the High Court until federal legislation passed in 2017). This spirit of acceptance and advocacy provides a supportive environment for love and dating within the lesbian community, making Canberra not only a place of historical significance but also a modern hub for social connection and romantic opportunities.