Population 289,625
Single pop. 79,763
Timezone America/Vancouver
Country Canada

Victoria - 'City of Gardens'

Welcome to Victoria, the picturesque capital of British Columbia! Known for its vibrant arts scene and stunning natural beauty, Victoria is a haven for young, creative souls. From the charming cobblestone streets of the historic downtown area to the breathtaking views at Beacon Hill Park, this city offers a perfect blend of urban culture and outdoor adventure. Whether you're into cozy coffee shops, lively festivals, or exploring the lush landscapes of Vancouver Island, Victoria provides an inviting and dynamic setting for young lesbian women to connect and create unforgettable experiences.

Date ideas for Victoria

Explore the Royal BC Museum

Discover the rich history of British Columbia and its indigenous peoples at the Royal BC Museum. This is a thoughtful and engaging date idea, perfect for sparking deep conversations and learning something new together.

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Stroll through Butchart Gardens

Take a romantic walk through Butchart Gardens, renowned for its stunning floral displays and scenic walking paths. It's a peaceful setting for a date, offering vibrant flower beds and captivating water features.

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Kayaking at Inner Harbour

Rent kayaks and paddle around Victoria’s Inner Harbour. This active date idea gives you both a chance to enjoy the waterfront views, marine life, and perhaps even catch a sunset together.

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Coffee date at Habit Coffee

Enjoy a casual coffee date at Habit Coffee, known for its excellent brews and welcoming atmosphere. It's a great spot to relax, chat, and enjoy each other's company in a cozy setting.

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Art crawl in Downtown Victoria

Embark on an art crawl around downtown Victoria. Visit galleries like Madrona Gallery or West End Gallery to see contemporary Canadian art. It’s an inspiring outing for those who love creativity and culture.

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Dating in Victoria

Discovering love in Victoria's vibrant, picturesque setting is truly magical, and Only Women is your perfect companion on this journey. Known for its inclusive and diverse community, Victoria offers a welcoming atmosphere that resonates deeply with lesbian, gay, and trans women. Only Women enhances this experience by providing a tailored platform where you can connect with like-minded women effortlessly. Whether you’re strolling through the lush gardens of Beacon Hill Park, exploring the historic charm of the Inner Harbour, or enjoying the lively arts scene, Only Women helps you meet someone who shares your interests and passions. Join our community to forge meaningful connections and find your special someone in the heart of Victoria.

A brief history of Victoria

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is steeped in rich history and vibrant culture, making it a picturesque backdrop for romance and connection. Founded in 1843 as a trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company, Victoria quickly blossomed into a cosmopolitan center due to its strategic location and the Gold Rush of the mid-19th century. The city’s charming downtown area, characterized by historic Victorian architecture, offers a beautiful setting for leisurely strolls and intimate conversations.

Over the years, Victoria has cultivated a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, which particularly resonates with the LGBTQ+ community. The city proudly hosts various cultural events that celebrate diversity, including an annual Pride Festival that transforms the city into a dynamic canvas of love and support. The coastal scenery, coupled with lush gardens and parks, provides countless opportunities for romantic dates or casual meet-ups. Whether you’re exploring the artsy alleys of Fernwood, taking in the panoramic views at Beacon Hill Park, or enjoying the tranquil ambiance of the Inner Harbour, Victoria offers a serene yet vibrant scene for building connections and creating unforgettable memories.