Population 812,129
Single pop. 223,660
Timezone America/Toronto
Country Canada

Ottawa - 'Bytown'

Welcome to Ottawa, Canada's vibrant capital! This city is a blend of culture, history, and natural beauty, making it an exciting place for young lesbian women to explore and connect. Ottawa boasts stunning architecture like the iconic Parliament Hill, a plethora of museums including the National Gallery of Canada, and lively neighborhoods such as the ByWard Market, known for its trendy shops and delicious cuisine. The city is also host to several LGBTQ+ events, including the annual Capital Pride festival, creating a welcoming atmosphere for both residents and visitors. Whether you're interested in arts, outdoors, or socializing in inclusive spaces, Ottawa offers a rich and diverse experience.

Date ideas for Ottawa

Explore the ByWard Market

Stroll through the vibrant ByWard Market, one of Canada's oldest and largest public markets. Enjoy browsing artisan stalls, sampling local foods, and exploring unique shops. It's a lively spot perfect for a casual day out.

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Visit the National Gallery of Canada

Spend a day at the National Gallery of Canada, home to an impressive collection of Indigenous and Canadian art. The stunning architecture and peaceful galleries provide a thoughtful environment for a date.

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Picnic at Major's Hill Park

Pack a picnic and head to Major's Hill Park for scenic views of the Ottawa River and Parliament Hill. It's a great spot for a relaxed afternoon enjoying each other's company in nature.

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Canoe on Dow’s Lake

Rent a canoe and paddle around Dow’s Lake. Enjoy the serene water and beautiful scenery, especially during the tulip bloom in spring. It's a fun and active date idea that allows for great conversation.

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Coffee Date at The Ministry of Coffee

Enjoy a cozy coffee date at The Ministry of Coffee in Ottawa’s trendy Hintonburg neighborhood. Known for its excellent coffee and welcoming atmosphere, it's a great place to chat and relax together.

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Dating in Ottawa

Discovering love in Ottawa is a unique adventure, especially with Only Women. As Canada's capital, Ottawa is bustling with vibrant cultural events, cozy coffee shops, and beautiful natural spaces perfect for romantic walks or adventurous dates. Only Women taps into this lively scene, offering a platform specifically designed for lesbian, gay, and trans women to connect deeply and authentically. Whether you're exploring the charming streets of the ByWard Market or enjoying the scenic views of the Rideau Canal, Only Women helps you find someone who shares your interests and passions. It's not just about finding a date; it's about finding someone who complements your lifestyle and values, right here in the heart of Ottawa.

A brief history of Ottawa

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, boasts a rich history that reflects both the evolution of a nation and the story of a community that values diversity and inclusion. Founded in 1826 as Bytown and later incorporated as Ottawa in 1855, this city has grown from a humble lumber town to the political and technological heart of Canada. Nestled on the banks of the Ottawa River, the city is known for its stately boulevards and striking architecture, including Parliament Hill, which offers a picturesque setting for both residents and visitors.

For lesbian women, especially those aged 20-30, Ottawa presents a welcoming atmosphere with its progressive values and vibrant LGBTQ+ community. The city celebrates its diversity through various events and festivals that highlight the rich tapestry of cultures within the city. Annual events such as the Capital Pride Festival provide opportunities for connection and celebration within the community, fostering an environment where relationships can flourish amidst a backdrop of activism and inclusivity.

Moreover, Ottawa's charm is accentuated by its scenic landscapes and numerous parks, such as Gatineau Park, offering ample opportunities for romantic dates and leisurely strolls. The city’s blend of cultural institutions, from galleries to theaters, enriches daily life, providing myriad ways for young couples to explore new experiences together. Whether it’s enjoying a serene kayak ride on Dow’s Lake or embarking on a culinary adventure in the ByWard Market area, Ottawa serves not just as Canada's capital but as a stage for love to blossom and grow in a community that champions equality and unity.