Population 18,960,744
Single pop. 5,221,789
Timezone Asia/Shanghai
Country China

Beijing - 'The Forbidden City'

Welcome to Beijing, a city where ancient history and modern vibrancy converge to create a fascinating urban tapestry. As the capital of China, Beijing is home to stunning historical landmarks like the majestic Forbidden City and the serene Temple of Heaven, both perfect for those who appreciate cultural richness and architectural grandeur. The city's bustling art districts, such as 798 Art Zone, offer a glimpse into the contemporary art scene that is sure to inspire. For food enthusiasts, Beijing's culinary offerings range from traditional Peking duck to a variety of international cuisines, making it a paradise for foodies. Whether you're exploring its historic hutongs or enjoying the greenery at the Summer Palace, Beijing provides a dynamic backdrop for making new connections and creating memorable experiences.

Date ideas for Beijing

Explore the 798 Art Zone

Stroll through the 798 Art Zone, a thriving arts area filled with galleries, studios, and cafes. This spot is perfect for creative minds to explore contemporary art and enjoy a relaxed day in a culturally vibrant setting.

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Visit the Summer Palace

Spend a day at the Summer Palace, an exquisite example of Chinese landscape garden design. The natural landscapes and historic buildings make it a peaceful retreat from city life and a beautiful place to walk and talk.

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Tea Tasting at Maliandao Tea Street

Experience traditional Chinese tea culture with a tea tasting session on Maliandao Tea Street. Explore different types of teas in one of the many shops along this street, perfect for a quiet and intimate date.

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Picnic at Yuyuantan Park

Have a picnic at Yuyuantan Park, especially beautiful during cherry blossom season. It’s a large park that offers serene lake views and ample space for a relaxing day out.

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Culinary adventure in Wangfujing Snack Street

Dive into the bustling atmosphere of Wangfujing Snack Street for an adventurous evening date. Try various local snacks and dishes that are sure to delight those looking to experience authentic Chinese street food together.

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Dating in Beijing

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A brief history of Beijing

Beijing, the capital city of China, boasts a rich tapestry of history that dates back over three millennia. As the seat of the Ming and Qing dynasties until the formation of a republic in 1912, this city has served as the political and cultural heartbeat of China for centuries. It's home to an impressive array of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven, which speak volumes about its dynastic past. The city's ancient hutongs, traditional alleyways, offer a glimpse into the local lifestyle of yesteryears mingled with the vibrant, contemporary culture that defines modern Beijing.

In recent years, Beijing has emerged as a bustling metropolis known for its progressive attitudes and developments. The city's parks and expansive public spaces, like the famous Summer Palace and Olympic Park, offer tranquil retreats where friends, families, and couples can unwind and enjoy leisurely moments. For those interested in the arts, Beijing’s 798 Art Zone provides a bohemian flair with cafes, galleries, and shops in a converted industrial space, perfect for young women looking to enjoy casual dates or meet like-minded individuals.

This blend of historic grandeur and modern innovation makes Beijing not just a powerhouse of political and economic significance but also a crucible for social and romantic exploration. The city’s open-mindedness and dynamic public venues create a welcoming atmosphere for dating and social interactions amongst the local LGBT community. Here, history and progress intermingle to create a unique cultural milieu that offers endless opportunities for love and connection.