Population 17,494,398
Single pop. 4,817,957
Timezone Asia/Shanghai
Country China

Shenzhen - 'Silicon Valley of Hardware'

Shenzhen, a vibrant metropolis in Guangdong Province, is a hub of innovation and modernity. Known for its rapid development and status as a technology powerhouse, the city offers a dynamic blend of lush parks and contemporary architecture. Shenzhen's cultural scene is thriving with trendy cafes, art spaces, and a youthful energy that resonates with the creative and forward-thinking. Its welcoming atmosphere and diverse population make it an appealing destination for young lesbian women looking to connect with a progressive community. Whether you're seeking exciting career opportunities or vibrant social interactions, Shenzhen provides an inspiring backdrop for both personal and professional growth.

Date ideas for Shenzhen

Explore OCT Loft Creative Culture Park

Stroll through OCT Loft Creative Culture Park, a vibrant area filled with art galleries, cafes, and unique shops. It's a great place to experience the contemporary art scene and enjoy a relaxed day out.

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Visit Dapeng Fortress

Take a trip to Dapeng Fortress for a historical date. This ancient coastal fortress offers scenic views and a glimpse into China's rich history. Perfect for couples who enjoy exploring cultural heritage sites together.

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Relax at Dameisha Beach

Spend a day at Dameisha Beach, where you can unwind on the sand, swim in the sea, or indulge in some water sports. It’s an ideal spot for a fun and relaxing date by the water.

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Shopping at Luohu Commercial City

Go on a shopping spree at Luohu Commercial City. Known for its vast array of goods from clothes to electronics at bargain prices, it’s perfect for those who love hunting for deals together.


Dinner at Sea World

Enjoy a romantic dinner at Sea World in Shekou, known for its international cuisine and lively atmosphere. The area is centered around a light show from a grounded ship, creating a unique dining experience.

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Dating in Shenzhen

In the bustling metropolis of Shenzhen, where modernity meets tradition, finding genuine connections can be challenging, especially for the lesbian community. Only Women offers a tailored solution that simplifies the search for love and friendship. Our platform is designed specifically for lesbian, gay, and trans women, providing a safe and inclusive space to connect. With features that allow you to filter matches based on interests and location, you can easily meet like-minded women right in your city. Whether you're exploring the vibrant nightlife of Luohu or enjoying the serene parks in Nanshan, Only Women helps you find someone who shares your passions and understands your lifestyle in Shenzhen. Join our community to discover a more personal and fulfilling way to experience love in this dynamic city.

A brief history of Shenzhen

Shenzhen, a vibrant city in Guangdong Province, China, is a symbol of rapid growth and innovation. Just a few decades ago, Shenzhen was a modest fishing village, but it transformed dramatically after being designated as China’s first Special Economic Zone in 1980. This pivotal decision spurred unprecedented economic development, turning it into one of the most populous and wealthiest cities in the country. Today, Shenzhen is recognized as a global technology hub and boasts a dynamic urban culture, extensive green spaces, and a progressive attitude towards modern living.

For the young lesbian community, Shenzhen offers more than just economic opportunities. The city's cosmopolitan nature makes it a welcoming space for diversity and self-expression. Cultural events and social spaces are increasingly inclusive, providing platforms for connection and community building. Moreover, Shenzhen’s beautiful parks and coastline offer numerous romantic spots perfect for dates or leisurely strolls with loved ones. As the city continues to grow, so does its acceptance and support for the LGBTQ+ community, making it an appealing destination for love, life, and connectivity.