Population 563,930
Single pop. 155,306
Timezone Africa/Asmara
Country Eritrea

Asmara - 'Piccola Roma'

Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, is a hidden gem perched at an elevation of over 2,300 meters, offering a pleasant climate year-round. Known for its well-preserved modernist architecture, Asmara is often referred to as "La Piccola Roma" (Little Rome) due to its charming Italian-style buildings and streetscapes. This city is not only a UNESCO World Heritage site but also a place of vibrant culture and history. For those who appreciate art deco and futuristic designs from the early 20th century, Asmara's unique urban landscape provides a fascinating backdrop for exploration and photography. The city's café culture and welcoming atmosphere make it an intriguing destination for young women looking to experience a blend of tradition and modernity in a serene setting.

Date ideas for Asmara

Explore Fiat Tagliero Building

Take a step back in time and visit the Fiat Tagliero Building in Asmara, a stunning example of futuristic architecture from the 1930s. This iconic structure is perfect for those interested in history and architecture.

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Coffee at Cafe Roma

Enjoy a cozy coffee date at Cafe Roma, one of Asmara's most popular spots. It's a great place to relax, chat, and enjoy some of the best coffee in town, reflecting Eritrea's rich coffee culture.

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Walk through the Asmara Medina

Stroll through the bustling streets of the Asmara Medina. Explore local shops, sample street food, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere. It’s a wonderful way to experience the local culture together.

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Visit the National Museum of Eritrea

Spend a day at the National Museum of Eritrea, where you can learn about the country’s rich history and cultural heritage. It’s an educational and insightful experience that can spark great conversations.

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Picnic at Liberation Avenue

Have a peaceful picnic along Liberation Avenue, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and colonial Italian architecture. It’s a simple yet romantic way to spend quality time together.

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Dating in Asmara

In the charming city of Asmara, where modernity meets rich cultural heritage, finding love as a lesbian woman can be uniquely challenging amidst traditional social norms. Only Women offers a safe, inclusive space tailored specifically for lesbian, gay, and trans women to connect. Our app understands the nuances of dating in Asmara, providing a platform where you can explore relationships and friendships with women who share your values and interests. Whether you're strolling through the art deco streets or enjoying a coffee in one of the city's quaint cafés, Only Women helps you meet like-minded women right in your city, making it the best way to find love and companionship in Asmara.

A brief history of Asmara

Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, boasts an enchanting history that is as vibrant and diverse as its architecture and culture. Known as "Piccola Roma" (Little Rome), Asmara is a city where art deco meets Italian modernism; a testament to its Italian colonial past which began in the 1880s. Over the decades, the city has grown into a symbol of pride and resilience for its people, achieving a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity.

In recent years, Asmara has gained international recognition when it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2017. This distinction celebrates the city's unique architectural and cultural landscape, including its well-preserved buildings that date back to the early 20th century. For young lesbian women exploring love and connection in Asmara, the city offers a backdrop of historical significance combined with a peaceful and welcoming urban environment.

Dating in Asmara can be a delightful experience amidst its café culture and scenic beauty. The city’s temperate climate and high altitude make it an ideal spot for leisurely walks or cozy coffee dates. While societal norms can be conservative, the city’s growing exposure to global cultures is fostering a more open-minded atmosphere over time. Asmara’s charm provides a unique setting for romance to blossom, making it an intriguing destination for those looking to write their own love stories.