Population 220,488
Single pop. 60,722
Timezone Europe/Paris
Country France


Welcome to Rennes, a vibrant city in the heart of Brittany, France, known for its rich history and lively cultural scene. This youthful city, with a large student population, offers a dynamic atmosphere that's perfect for young adults. Explore the charming medieval streets of the historic center, bustling with quaint cafes and unique shops. Rennes is also famous for its lively arts and music scenes, hosting numerous festivals throughout the year that celebrate diversity and creativity. Whether you're interested in exploring French culture, enjoying nightlife, or connecting with an inclusive community, Rennes provides an engaging backdrop for adventure and new connections.

Date ideas for Rennes

Stroll through Parc du Thabor

Enjoy a leisurely walk or a picnic at Parc du Thabor. This beautiful park combines French gardens, an English park, and a rose garden, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing day out and great conversations.

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Explore the Marché des Lices

Visit the Marché des Lices on Saturday morning to experience one of France's largest market. It's a vibrant place to explore local produce, taste fresh pastries, and enjoy the lively atmosphere together.

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Coffee date at Books & Coffee

Spend a cozy afternoon at Books & Coffee. This charming café offers a great selection of books and delicious coffee, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for a laid-back date.

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Artistic discovery at Les Champs Libres

Visit Les Champs Libres for an intellectual date exploring exhibitions related to Brittany's culture, science, and history. The venue also hosts various cultural events and workshops that can be intriguing to attend together.

#Culture #Arts #Entertainment

Cocktail night at Le Hibou Grand Duc

End your day with cocktails at Le Hibou Grand Duc. Known for its cozy ambiance and creative cocktails, this bar is a great spot to unwind and enjoy each other's company in a relaxed setting.

#Romantic #Nightlife

Dating in Rennes

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A brief history of Rennes

Rennes, the vibrant capital of Brittany, France, boasts a rich tapestry of history intertwined with modern flair, making it an ideal backdrop for both romance and exploration. Dating back to the Roman era, Rennes has flourished through the ages as a significant center of culture and academia. The city's historic core reveals quaint medieval streets and impressive landmarks like the Rennes Cathedral and the Parlement de Bretagne, which tell tales of its illustrious past.

For those enchanted by both history and contemporary vibes, Rennes offers an array of charming spots perfect for lovebirds. The Parc du Thabor provides a picturesque setting with its beautiful gardens, ideal for leisurely strolls or cozy picnics. Moreover, the city's vibrant cultural scene, characterized by numerous festivals such as Les Trans Musicales, provides a lively backdrop for those looking to enjoy rich music and arts experiences together. With its blend of historical charm and youthful energy, Rennes is a captivating city where connections can flourish amidst a setting that celebrates both past and future.