Privacy policy

1. Our policy

  1. We operate a 'responsible data policy' to avoid accumulating unnecessary information.
  2. We store the bare minimum location data necessary for us to provide a useful location-centric dating service. We only store your home location and current location against your profile. We do not store location history.
  3. We delete IP addresses and computer/mobile device information from our system after it hasn't been accessed for 6 months.
  4. We do not store any payment details such as credit card numbers. Billing is provided by third party payment services such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Pay 365 & Stripe.

2. Your data

  1. When we use the phrase 'Your data' we mean all the information our system has collected as a result of your interactions with our service. This is made up of: your profile information and photographs, your associations with other profiles (friends, favorites and visited), your home location and current location, message history, contact-information, IP addresses and computer/phone device information.
  2. You can request a copy of 'Your data' from us by speaking to our customer service department. This will be provided as a PDF document and emailed to you. For security identification you will be required to email us from the verified email address on the account.
  3. You can request the permanent removal of your personal data (includes your profile) by contacting our customer service team. Within 30 days we will remove your data from our systems. Before removal a staff member will review your account information to ensure that there are no outstanding complaints against your account. For security identification you will be required to email us from the verified email address on the account.
  4. 'Your data' will never be given (or sold) to a third-party unless the third party is the police and they have requested it or you are in breach of our Terms and Service, or where we are required to by law. In the event that the Datingnode platform is sold then the data processing and ownership rights would be transferred to this party.

3. Data processing

  1. We process data in with the purpose to provide a dating service to our customers.
  2. Your IP addresses and computer/mobile device information is used to ensure the security and safety of our service. This is deleted after 6 months as part of our responsible data policy.
  3. All of your public profile information including your private photographs are moderated by our content moderation team to ensure that your data contains nothing illegal or unsuitable. Our content moderation team see the bare minimum of information necessary to accomplish their task (eg: contact information is removed and identifiable information is obfuscated).
  4. 'Your Data' will be processed by our customer service team in order to maintain the safety and security of our service. Processing can be triggered by complaints against your account or suspicious activity.
  5. Anonymised usage data will be analysed for statistical reasons allowing us to monitor the usage trends and effectiveness of our services.

4. Data security

  1. Your password is 'one-way-encrypted' in our database, this means there is no way anyone could discover it (our staff included). If you forget your password you can always reset it and choose a new one.
  2. 'Your Data' is securely stored on our European servers. We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect 'Your Data' including maintaining a firewall, staying current with software & operating system security patches and encrypting all information where feasible.

5. Your profile's visibility

  1. Your profile is visible to the public (and search engines such as google) unless you opt-out via the privacy preferences which are accessible via your account settings.
  2. Your can remove your profile from the service at any time by visiting the page 'Remove Your Account' which is available on your Account Dashboard. This will deactivate your profile however your data will stay on our servers available for reactivation by yourself. If you do not reactivate your profile we will permanently remove it will be stored securely and confidentially on our systems until it is deemed no longer necessary.
  3. This service is part of the Datingnode dating platform. The Datingnode platform connects its dating services together which means your profile may be visible to members of other Datingnode operated services that meet your match criteria.

6. Your email address and preferences

  1. You are required to provide us with a valid email address in order to use our service. If you change your email address you should update your email address on our site via the Account Dashboard.
  2. You can control exactly what emails you receive from our service using the email preferences page under your account. You can opt-out of newsletters, message reminders and all other emails we send.
  3. We will never pass or sell your email address on to a third party for marketing reasons. We hate junk mail as much as you do.

7. Cookies

  1. Our services require the use of cookies for two reason: 1: To keep you logged in to our service (this is an essential technical feature). 2: For the purpose of analytics (understanding the behavior and trends of our traffic).
  2. Our Analytics partner is Google, they provide us with the tool 'Google Analytics' which we use analyze our traffic. Google Analytics will create a cookie which is associated with your account so we can measure statistics such as average duration of our visitors, or which are the most popular parts of our service.
  3. We do not and will never provide external organisations access to your cookies or make use their cookies to gain additional intelligence on our users.

8. Facebook connect

  1. If you opt to use facebook connect feature we store the minimal facebook information required to register your profile and identify you.
  2. We will never post to your facebook news feed (or any other part of facebook), we don't even request the permission required to do this.
  3. We will never read your friends list, we don't even request the permission required to do this.
  4. If you disconnect facebook from your profile (via the account dashboard), we permanently delete all the data facebook sent us about you. Your profile will however remain on our service unless you remove that as well.