Population 578,460
Single pop. 159,308
Timezone Europe/Madrid
Country Spain

Málaga - 'La Bella Easo'

Welcome to Málaga, a vibrant gem on Spain’s sun-kissed Costa del Sol! This city is a perfect blend of beautiful beaches, rich history, and buzzing nightlife. Dive into its youthful energy and explore the birthplace of Picasso, featuring an array of art museums and historic sites. Málaga also boasts a lively LGBTQ+ scene, with welcoming bars and events, making it an ideal spot for young lesbian women to connect and enjoy. Whether you're here to soak up the sun at La Malagueta beach, savor delicious tapas, or dance the night away, Málaga offers a dynamic backdrop for adventure and romance.

Date ideas for Málaga

Sunset stroll at Malagueta Beach

Enjoy a romantic evening with a sunset stroll along Malagueta Beach. The soft sand and soothing sounds of the waves create a perfect backdrop for a peaceful walk or a cozy beach picnic.

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Explore the Alcazaba

Step back in time with a visit to the Alcazaba, a Moorish fortress palace. The stunning architecture and panoramic views of the city make it an ideal spot for history enthusiasts and those looking for a picturesque date.

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Tapas tour in the city center

Indulge in the local flavor with a tapas tour around Málaga's bustling city center. Explore different bars and cafes, each offering unique bites that are sure to delight any food lover.

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Art date at Centre Pompidou Málaga

Get artsy at the Centre Pompidou Málaga. This branch of the famous Parisian museum features modern art exhibitions in a colorful, cube-shaped building. A visually stimulating experience that's perfect for sparking conversation.

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Botanical Garden 'La Concepción'

Discover the lush landscapes of La Concepción Historical Botanical Gardens. Wander through tropical and subtropical flora from five continents, making it an enchanting escape for nature lovers.

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Dating in Málaga

Discovering love in Málaga is a breeze with Only Women, the perfect app tailored for lesbian, gay, and trans women looking to connect. Málaga, with its vibrant cultural scene and stunning Mediterranean backdrop, offers endless romantic possibilities. From exploring the historic Alcazaba to enjoying sunsets on La Malagueta beach, finding someone special here can transform these experiences into unforgettable memories. Only Women makes it easy to meet like-minded women in this dynamic city. Whether you're a local or new to the area, our app ensures you can navigate the dating world with confidence and security, focusing on making genuine connections that could lead to lasting love. Join Only Women and start your journey in Málaga today!

A brief history of Málaga

Málaga, a sun-kissed gem on Spain’s Costa del Sol, boasts a rich history that dates back to around 770 BC when it was founded by the Phoenicians. This vibrant city has since flourished through various epochs, influenced by the Romans and Moors, each leaving a distinct mark on its cultural and architectural heritage. The Alcazaba of Málaga, an 11th-century fortress built by the Hammudid dynasty, and the Roman Theatre are testaments to its historical depth and diversity.

Today, Málaga is celebrated not only for its historical treasures but also as a beacon of modern culture and art, famously being the birthplace of Picasso. Its lively arts scene, beautiful beaches, and dynamic nightlife make it an ideal spot for young people looking to connect and create memories. The city's progressive atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive, making it a beloved destination for the LGBTQ+ community. Whether exploring the charming streets of the historic city center or enjoying a romantic sunset on one of Málaga’s picturesque beaches, there’s an undeniable charm that makes it perfect for couples or singles looking to mingle in a vibrant, loving setting.