Population 345,418
Single pop. 95,128
Timezone Europe/London
Country United Kingdom

Belfast - 'Linenopolis'

Welcome to Belfast, a vibrant city known for its rich history, dynamic arts scene, and warm hospitality. This bustling capital of Northern Ireland offers a blend of impressive cultural heritage sites like the grand Belfast Castle and the stunning St. Anne's Cathedral, alongside contemporary attractions such as the MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre) where creativity flourishes. For those who love a lively night out, the Cathedral Quarter is teeming with trendy bars and clubs. Whether you're into exploring historic architecture, enjoying live music, or savoring gourmet food at a local market, Belfast invites you to experience its unique charm and friendly atmosphere.

Date ideas for Belfast

Maverick Bar

Enjoy a night out at Maverick Bar, a vibrant and welcoming space in Belfast's gay quarter. Known for its fabulous drag shows and lively atmosphere, it's a great spot to have fun and meet new people.

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Belfast Botanic Gardens

Take a leisurely stroll through the Belfast Botanic Gardens. Explore the beautiful floral displays, exotic tree species, and the historic Palm House. It's a peaceful setting for a date, offering plenty of natural beauty and quiet spots to chat.

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Ulster Museum

Visit the Ulster Museum located right beside the Botanic Gardens. Dive into Northern Ireland's history, explore art collections, and check out the natural science exhibits. It’s educational and free, making for a thoughtful and budget-friendly date.

#Culture #Arts #Educational

Cathedral Quarter Walk

Explore the Cathedral Quarter on foot. This area is known for its cobbled streets, stunning murals, and vibrant nightlife. Grab a coffee or a bite at one of the many chic cafes and soak in the artistic atmosphere.

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Game of Thrones Tour

For fans of 'Game of Thrones,' embark on a themed tour around various filming locations near Belfast. It’s an exciting day trip that offers beautiful landscapes and a bit of adventure — perfect for sharing with someone special who loves the series as much as you do.

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Dating in Belfast

Discovering love in Belfast has never been more exciting and straightforward, thanks to Only Women! This vibrant city, known for its rich history and dynamic cultural scene, is the perfect backdrop for romance. Whether you're exploring the cozy cafes of the Cathedral Quarter or enjoying a serene walk at the Botanic Gardens, Only Women connects you with like-minded women seeking meaningful relationships. Our app tailors your experience to fit your needs, making it easier to meet other lesbian, gay, and trans women in Belfast. With user-friendly features and a supportive community, Only Women ensures that your journey to finding love is fun, safe, and aligned with your lifestyle. Join us and start creating your own Belfast love story today!

A brief history of Belfast

Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, is steeped in a rich tapestry of history and culture. Founded in the 17th century, this vibrant city has grown from a small settlement to a bustling hub of arts, politics, and education. Its architectural heritage ranges from the grand City Hall to the picturesque entries and alleyways that weave through the city center. Belfast's shipbuilding industry peaked in the early 20th century with the construction of the RMS Titanic, forever intertwining the city's name with this iconic vessel.

In recent years, Belfast has embraced a more progressive identity, becoming an inclusive and welcoming city for the LGBTQ+ community. The annual Belfast Pride festival is a testament to this, celebrating diversity and love with parades and events that attract visitors from all over. The city's thriving cultural scene offers numerous opportunities for romantic outings, whether strolling through the Botanic Gardens or exploring the contemporary art at the MAC. This blend of historical charm and modern openness makes Belfast an appealing destination for young lesbian women wanting to connect with each other and explore their identities in a supportive environment.